Available Maintenance Plans

Looking for a quality maintenance plan? We have options so that you can get the service that best fits your needs.

Basic Plan

– Inspection and regular preventative maintenance

Polytemp will do the following:

SYSTEM INSPECTION: All equipment specified will be thoroughly inspected with a written report, along with recommendations for repairs, when appropriate.

CLEANING: Polytemp will clean equipment for efficient performance

LUBRICATION AND ADJUSTMENTS: Equipment components will be lubricated and adjusted, as required.

AIR FILTER SERVICE: Air filters will be cleaned or replaced, as required for efficient performance.

Note: Under this plan. parts and labor for repairs will be charged separately.

Preferred Plan

– Emergency service without labor charge*

Polytemp provides all services in the Basic Plan PLUS…

EMERGENCY SERVICE: Emergency services will be provided at no extra charge except parts, during normal work hours, and, on a preferential basis over customers who don’t have maintenance agreements.

FREE LABOR ON REPAIRS: All labor necessary to make equipment repairs, other than emergency service (as seen below), including parts installation, and removal will be furnished at no charge.

*Emergency service outside of normal working hours will be charged at an hourly rate equal to the difference between the prevailing Polytemp daily rate and normal overtime rates.

Full Coverage Plan

– All labor and parts for one flat fee

Polytemp provides all services in the Basic Plan and Preferred Plan PLUS…

COMPLETE MAINTENANCE: Provided on a regular basis, preventive and corrective maintenance necessary to have covered systems maintain the highest possible performance.

PARTS PROVIDED: Operating parts will be replaced as required.*

*This pertains to repairs on operating components, such as compressors, controls, etc. A cost estimate will be submitted for approval if complete replacement of a unit is necessary.

At Polytemp we accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards, because we understand the importance of convenience.